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Therian Setting Book: Phase 0

Dungeons & Randomness 16 May 2017
Howdy everyone! As you may know, the next big project in our pipeline will most likely be a Therian setting book. Now, this is something that is a ways off and will require tons of planning, hard work and multiple revisions. To start though, we want to know what you'd like to see in such a b...
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Shared Recipes?

Off-Topic Discussion 13 May 2017
Out of morbid curiosity, is it okay to share recipes for adult snacks and beverages, like drunken gummies or skeleton keys, or is that not okay considering that a portion of the forum audience is likely under aged to consume boozahol?
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Character Chat: Brianne Marie 2

Patreon Content 05 May 2017
This is the first time that we'll be doing a repeat person on the Character Chat. I would love to dig a little deeper this time and tackle some burning questions from you guys. Hit us with some good ones! 
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Living in Theria: Orcs!

Patreon Content 02 May 2017
Hey guys! Rather than making a new twitter poll this month, Jason and I figured we'd just start with the runner-up from last months poll: Orcs! Please post all of your questions here, and we'll try to get to all of them as best as we can!
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Atronach Billow, Tiefling Ranger from Durnhollow

Introduction Post and Characters! 02 May 2017
Atronach Billow was born and raised in the city of Durnhollow, an unlikely home for his kind. But, he and his family had an understanding with the locals, and in the past, with the slavers. As long as they kept peaceful and never harmed anyone in the town, they would be treated as equals to the h...
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