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FaceBook Group (and announcements)

Dungeons & Randomness 13 Aug 2017
Howdy everyone,   As you have probably noticed, the forums have been pretty empty lately.  Now, we've tried very hard to both advertise and steer people to the forums but we think the time has come to go in a different way. We've started a brand new FB Group for the community. It's a pl...
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Arc 2: Episode 7 "Black Sheep"

Arc II 09 Aug 2017
Group C on a mission to save Eliwrath who may be on con-save life support.    Interesting distraction with the battling twins which took a sudden dark turn (seems to be happening a lot in arc 2). (Note to keep alert on possible bounty payouts in the Patreon game).   And of course a...
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Character Chat - James Wilkinson 2

Patreon Content 30 Jul 2017
Yet another excellent character chat!   It was fun hearing more details about Masoka's character stat dice rolling issues. We definitely need to have Rob saying, "You tanked your con?!" on Patreon!   Interesting bit of back story on the old G2 issue with running House Dragonkeep. Daegon...
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GenCon 50 Miniatures for the D&D Minis Guild Events

Off-Topic Discussion 26 Jul 2017
So, I'm going to GenCon 50 in a few weeks. Also, I'm Painting up some D&D Miniatures for the DDM Guild Events there. Thought I'd share them here too. Enjoy:)       The Iconic Psion from 3.5 Edition. I can't recall or Pronounce his name.       A Female Tieflin...
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Grimnas Family Reunion

Writers Forum 25 Jul 2017
This is just the beginning. I'll write more if people like it. Vallus growled. He had been trying to get this fire pit started for 15 minutes now. He pushed the resilient damp wood back into the pit with a sigh. “It just had to rain last night,” he thought.    Standing up, Vallus yelled...
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