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Injustice 2: Electric Boogaloo(Spoilers)

Patreon Content 20 Jun 2017
Warning!  Spoilers Abound! Also, a mountain of text         Disclaimer:  For the sake of discussion lets assume all companies aren't money grubbing ass-hats that would rather milk an IP's tits raw then tell a good story.  I realize there isn't much story in a fi...
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Arc 2: Episode 3 Those in Need.

Arc II 19 Jun 2017
So, Poor Errol. Poor Hannah.   Now that was a quality fight vs the Slavers. First potentially dangerous fight of Arc 2 I think. Ephany came close to falling. This is what most battles should be, dangerous enough that someone could go down IF things don't go well for the PCs. Not a Pushover,...
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Pre-game Analysis: Arc 2, Episode 3

Dungeons & Randomness 16 Jun 2017
OK, the forums are too quiet again and we only have one more big reveal left for the group members for Arc 2. So, before episode 3 is released, let the speculation commence on which of the players will have new characters and which will be returning. Here's the expected Group C members (in order...
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Arc 2: Episode 2 Festival!

Arc II 12 Jun 2017
PARTY TIME! And the return of Brock and Krysta is coming up. And the Worst Restaurant EVER!   GF
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Living in Theria: Druids!

Patreon Content 09 Jun 2017
This months topic for Living in Theria are druids! Hit us with all your druid-based questions and we will answer as much as we can later this month!!
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