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Lady Griffin

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Known as Lady Griffin

Full name: Maronna Griffin


Age: looks to be upper 30's

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Profession: Madame of the Lonely Sticks tavern and brothel

Description: a fairly buxom woman with a bit of extra meat around her waist and hips. She has thin brown hair that was streaked with gray, which was pinned up in a tight bun with curly bangs hanging in front of her forehead. Her eyes are hazel, tending to be a bit bluer on most days, but looking green when she looks angry. She has a smooth complexion except around her nose where acne had taken a mild toll. She wasn't horribly disfigured, but scars of youth remained visible. She wears a black corset that has red embroidery of roses stitched into it over a pain white peasants blouse. She also wears a skirt made of several different red fabrics, to complete the look. Last, there is a black raven tattoo with red eyes on her upper left shoulder that moves every now and again.




As a young woman, Lady Griffin, known as Maronna Griffin at the time, was a cleric of the raven queen in Aubrey. When vampire attacks became too regular, she joined a group of adventurers to hopefully stop the attacks. They were not successful, but did bring their numbers down a bit. They had lost a member of their group to the blood thirsty creatures before they could retreat, a paladin named Manadar. He was her twin brother. In grief, she left her home and traveled with the adventurers in hopes to become stronger and one day return to finish what she and her brother started.


But something followed her out of Aubrey.


Along their travels, the group passed Durnhollow  traveling to Esterholt where Maronna got her tattoo, as a tribute to her goddess. They traveled along to Fairbay,  Lochfort, Donhurst, and were nearly to Durnhollow when something attacked their party. Her brother who had fallen in battle protecting her had been turned into one of the creatures their goddess dispised. He was a vampire and he wanted his sister to join him in undeath so he would never be lonely as the years passed him. One young undead was easy for the group to take down, but having to watch her brother die again, and at her hands, was heart-wrenching to Maronna. At Durnhollow, she left the group, using her gold gained from her adventures to purchase the Lonely Sticks from the previous owner. She wanted nothing to do with adventuring any more, so she became the madame of the brothel and set about planting roots.

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I like it !

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