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Living in Theria: Superstitions

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We have our topic for this month! Have you ever wanted to know about superstitions in Theria? Ask away!!!

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I have an Irish grandmother, so I was raised with lots of superstitions that I grew to question as I got older. For example, if I spill salt, I have to take a pinch of it and throw it over my shoulder. If I say something that I hope will or won't happen, I touch wood. If I'm walking with someone, and a stationary object passes between us, I say, "Bread and butter." I still do these things, but I question them. Are there any silly little things like that in Theria?


We have heard that people are afraid of Yemgar Swamp (and rightfully so). But what sort of myths and legends have sprung up out of this general fear? And are any of them based in fact?


What are the average Therian's beliefs on ghosts?


Batman (who is a dick) says that criminals are a "cowardly and superstitious lot." Are there any superstitions that the criminals in Brightport have that you won't find anywhere else? And are there any vigilantes that prey on those fears and superstitions?


One of the coolest things about role-playing games like D&D is that you get to imagine what the world looks like through someone else's eyes, even someone who isn't human. Are there any superstitions that you might find among the folks living in Thunderspire that the rest of the world might find...unusual?


The folks in Uman'Yiro like to think that they are above it all...literally. But are there any beliefs that they have that someone coming in from outside would look at and say, "Ummm...no...no, that's not a thing."


Are there any superstitions that the folks in Lockfort have that you won't find anywhere else? Ummm...okay...I guess that would have to be in past tense. Okay, when there were people in Lockfort, did they have any region-specific superstitions?



Varex Sythe

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How about some superstitions about the origins of Theria?


Superstitions could be about continental creation, the creation of the oceans, or the whole world. Not looking for obscure off the wall superstitions either (so we don't need to know what the goblin or kobold superstitions are). More superstitions that are accepted or prevalent in civilized cultures.

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I'm curious about what kinds of things people might consider to be omens of good luck, or bad luck?

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What rituals are performed that supposedly keep the world ticking? Like if you don't do your morning prayers, the sun may not rise, or earthquakes are caused by missing them. Another example could be an annual good harvest festival in the spring.


To piggy-back off of the ghost question, what superstitions are there pertaining to death and the afterlife? Some IRL examples are hearing the Deatwatch Beetle knocking on wood is an omen of impending death. Or Pharaohs being buried with their treasure to carry them to the afterlife.


Are there any kinds of magic that are considered good or bad omens? The usual culprit tends to be necromancy, but I'm wondering if there's anything benign. It's bad luck to light candles magically during mass, or something.

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This might be a bit more of a gods thing, but I'm curious to see how much people in Theria think gods have an active role in their life? How much influence does the avg person think they have?


I ask because I have played in games where GMs said no one doubts the gods because, "How could you if clerics can literally call upon their gods for miracles and magic?" to more vague things like the world I run where, if you muddle around enough in lost and ancient libraries, you can find mention of some of gods when they were still heroes. Think Hercules ascending to god status. We even had a very cool moment where a cleric who worshiped the sun god Pelor found a book on the MORTAL hero Pelor who was on a quest to slay the evil sun god. 


This makes me wonder about the common Therian's perception of divine intervention.

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What about applying any superstitions from real life into Theria? Like how many mirrors did Orden break to only roll 1s on a flat d20 roll?


Seriously though, are their any superstitions to rid oneself of bad luck? Like a lucky rabbit foot or gnoll ear?


Or are their any non-magical superstitions for creating bad luck, not go see the witch in yemgar and have her curse someone, but like a voodoo doll?

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