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Yet Another New Listener Marathon

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    Durnhollow Stable Cleaner

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Hello Therians!


I'm a new listener who started the podcast back in September last year all the way back at Episode 1. Mostly because hey, where else do you start a podcast? Also, I saw I would have plenty of content to last me. So it has! I'm chronologically working my way through the feed and delved into the written articles and journals on the site as well as the Youtube content. Finally, recently I subbed to Patreon as well and will work my way through as much content as I can there! 


I just finished Episode 122 - Bad Moon, and ohh man, I just had to share some thoughts.


So much through the feed so far has been amazing, but to keep the reading short, I'll just bullet point some highlights:


  • Meat on the Taaable! I still chant that sometimes from the 1st Tournament of Champions.
  • Group 1 really getting into the debate at the Treaty signing, then the intense fight with Drock in his tomb. I could really see the visuals with each attack and especially the brutal kicks over the throne!
  • The brilliant twist of time jumping and building the world around it
  • Gathering an army Dragon Age-style for a showdown while other groups emerge
  • The gauntlet of pain Group 2 went through for the longest time involving an undead horde, unicorns, werewolves and trolls [well, troll] and the heartbreak with it
  • Group 3 who I initially hated and even cheered when Fie died at Bri's crit, but ended up growing to love the characters and even taking inspiration from them for my own
  • The incredible heartbreak when Briahna died accidentally at the horns of Yenward, and the solemn silence that punctuated it
  • Triumph at the Siege of Overwatch, how tense and exciting that whole battle was! Once again, excellent visuals and foley work to set the imagination.
  • The epic battle with Straad, the intense emotions with Una striking the eye, Bri rocking the city with power and blasting apart Straad from within
  • The incredible journey of Jadzia fighting through her abusive past and renewing herself with her soul and with finding her love with Vallus
  • Duncan going through his own journey of gaining respect and purging his turbulent past
  • An amazing episode 100 which brought together so many elements of the show


Even in that, I've missed going over so much growth and amazing moments, and not to mention the inspiration for this post... Gods, I love how perfectly Jason set the reveal at the end of part 1! How the question of the afterlife was teased so long, and now the story is thrown headfirst over the cliff into the realm of divinity. I can't wait to hear how it plays out across Theria, and I'm sure it must tie into more recent episodes too!


Speaking of which, I am so proud of the cast and everyone helping to make Episode 200 become a reality! I can't wait to hear it, and I bet it will make an excellent capstone to this long journey. After all, I've still got a ways to go!


I'll post in this thread every so often just to share more thoughts as I keep plugging along, but otherwise, thanks for reading!



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Welcome to the forums! Really hope you enjoy your stay and thank you so much for listening to the show and supporting us. :)

Please, keep letting us know what you think.
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That guy who writes for that show.

Steve the Wiki Guy

Steve the Wiki Guy

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king of which, I am so proud of the cast and everyone helping to make Episode 200 become a reality! I can't wait to hear it, and I bet it will make an excellent capstone to this long journey. After all, I've still got a ways to go!



This post is funny in that there is another that popped up overnight as well but it was essentially "your podcast is 'meh'" lol. 


I agree with your points, keep on listening and you won't be disappointed. And yes, 200 does cap the first 200 shows in epic ways. 


Now get back to listening, you have like 400 more hours to go! :P

D & R Wiki worker. A work in progress...  Suggestions accepted. 


Trying to be more positive...oh god...so hard to maintain.... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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Hey feel free to keep posting your thoughts to this thread as you listen. That's what I did when I was marathoning to catch up. It's fun to get reactions to what you're listening to, and people are very good about not hitting you with spoilers.



    Durnhollow Stable Cleaner

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I've been bad about my marathon. I've been skipping all the GMTs and mailbags, patreon, and everything just to catch up. I'm currently on 180 and I'm dying to know everything.


Also we all know the best part was the Natural 1 Bri rolled when punching Una.

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