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Time for some D&D crowdsourcing!

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Hey guys, gals, and all you wonderful Therians in between, I'm looking for some help!  I'm writing a D&D 5th edition setting, complete with new races, archetypes, and feats.  Its gritty, low magic, and has no gnomes whatsoever!


The thing is, my tiny group of 5 players isn't enough to test these things out by themselves.  So I've come here to ask you lovely people to do all that work for me.  Please, be honest with your feedback.  I worked at a metal finishing company for several years.  You can't say anything worse than I've already heard, trust me.

First on the chopping block is the Witch Hunter.

I modeled the Witch Hunter after Van Helsing and  Geralt of Rivia.  It's a Fighter Archetype because it seemed to fit best.  It works well as both a ranged or melee fighter.   While it isn't too bad for Multi-classing.  I don't think it will give you as much as other archetypes would.  It could make good use of a number of feats(but thats true of most martial classes).


It also has a few baked in RP hooks.  

  • Big ol' demon eye that many people will probably have an opinion on.  It could make social encounters more dynamic, especially when you get more twisted as time goes on.
  • The eye may still be tied to the demon it came from(depends on how you run your demons. Do they die, or just go back to hell?).  So it may try to control you with it, or have it out for you.
  • The eye itself could have a corrupting effect on the mind.
  • It makes the perfect Monster Hunter, so you'll have a reason to actually leave the city.
  • There has to be some reason the character went through the horrible process of becoming a Witch Hunter.  There are countless seeds for backstory in there.
  • You tend to get noticed when you have such a distinguishing feature.  It would make murder hoboing your way across the land a lot more difficult.



"Becoming a Witch Hunter is painful and dangerous endeavor.  First the would-be hunter must find(or summon) a demon, slay it and remove one of its eyes.  They will then remove one of their own eyes and, using forbidden blood magic, replace it with an eye taken from the vanquished demon.

Because of the pain and danger involved, few survive the process.  Those that do are forever scarred by the experience.  Compounded with the distrust caused by their ever increasing demonic visage, most Witch Hunters find social events and situations uncomfortable and frustrating."



Cursed Eye

Starting at 3rd level when you choose this archetype, one of your eyes is replaced with that of a low level demons.  The color of the eye and shape of the iris is your choice.  You gain the following benefits while the cursed eye can see:

  • You have Darkvision 60ft.  If you already have darkvision, increase the distance by 20 feet.
  • Choose Three of the following creature types as your favored prey.  You have advantage on checks made to track and uncover information about them.
    • Aberrations
    • Beasts
    • Monstrosities
    • Fiends
    • Undead
  • You may cast Hex as a first level spell once per short rest without the material or somatic components.




Blood of the Executioner

Starting at 3rd level your demonic eye has corrupted your blood, granting it magical and acidic properties. 

Once per short rest, as a bonus action you may expend a hit die and take 5 damage to coat 2 one handed weapons, 1 two handed weapon, or 20 pieces of ammunition with your own blood.  The coated weapon or ammunition counts as magical and deals +2 acid damage.  This effect lasts for 1 minute. 

The damage from this feature increases to +4 at 9th level, and +6 at 16th level.



Relentless Stalker

Starting at 7th level, You take on another demonic trait.  You grow patches of scales, your skin could gain a slightly unnatural hue, or you might grow horns. 

Whenever a creature Hexed by you and that you can see takes a move action, you can use your reaction to move up to your speed towards it.  Each foot of movement must bring you closer to the creature.

You cast Hex as a 3rd level spell, and may cast it twice between short rests.



Suffer Not the Witch to Live

Once you reach 10th level, you develop another demonic mutation.

Repeated encounters with warlocks and necromancers have taught you the weaknesses of those who wield the dark arts.

When a creature takes damage from weapons or ammunition that are under the effects of your Blood of the Executioner feature, they have disadvantage on concentration checks made as a result of that damage. 

You may use Blood of the Executioner twice between short rests.



Dauntless Slayer

Starting at 15th level, your many harrowing experiences have hardened your heart and mind.  You are immune to Fear and have a +2 bonus to saving throws against Charm and Poison Effects.



Woe to the Vanquished

When you reach 18th level, your Cursed Eye has fully assimilated with your body.  Creatures under the effects of your Hex spell also make saving throws of the chosen type at disadvantage.
You cast Hex as a 5th level spell.




Well, thats it for now.  Let me know what you think!

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Matt Mercer already made a Witch Hunter class and I played with one for a few sessions and I think it's a good class.



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Well...there is a lot of work he put into that. Damn, Mercer.

While that is defiantly impressive(I would expect no less from him) it's not quite what I'm looking for.

There is a little too much magic in his version for my setting, And I would like to avoid introducing full classes into the game.

I really believe that I can get almost anything I want by making archetypes and fine tuning with feats.

And if for whatever reason those tools don't quite do the trick, There is always the 5 level prestige class option. Its Not quite a class and you can make it as niche as you want. Its where I plan on creating my professions. Blacksmith, alchemist, tinker, etc.

That being said, Mercers version is already built and I am a very lazy man....
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Something about Cursed Eye feels off to me, specifically listing five categories and allowing the player to choose three as their favored enemy. Also, throwing beasts into the mix feels like an intrusion into Ranger territory. If you've gone to the trouble of slaying a demon to take its eye as your ow through some eldritch ritual, I feel like going after natural beasts would be pretty mundane. Personally, I would remove beasts from the equation entirely and make it "Choose one of these four types"; I feel like that would give some real flavor to the idea of having favored enemies. Perhaps, since you're only choosing one type at that point rather than three, the player would get some other bonus against that enemy type? An extra damage die that scales with your Witch Hunter level? Finally, I'd suggest bumping the darkvision granted up to 90 ft and put it on par with the UA Deep Stalker Ranger. Seems only fair that someone with demon eyes sees as far in the dark as someone that uses their natural magic and extensive subterranean experience to enhance their sight.


I also feel like Blood of the Executioner is too much loss for too little gain. If I'm a Witch Hunter and I'm losing enough blood to coat a two-handed weapon, I want my blood to last longer than one minute, and I don't want to do it again if I'm having to fight multiple times between long rests. I think Mercer had a pretty solid idea with his Witch Hunter build: reducing your max hit points by the amount lost until your next long rest in exchange for keeping the benefits of the feature for that duration.


With Dauntless Slayer, instead of the +2 bonuses, perhaps you could implement advantage and resistance. Since your blood is acid anyway (and by 10th level, it's already caustic enough to screw with a spellcaster's concentration), it seems to me that you ought to be at least as resistant to poisons as dwarves are. Also, given that you've got a demonic eye imparting all kinds of abilities to you, having advantage on saving throws against being charmed seems reasonable.


When you cast Hex as a result of Woe to the Vanquished, perhaps bump up the number of times you can cast it between short rests, or even do away with that limitation entirely? Given how powerful they are as an 18th level character, that might not be a bad thing.

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Yeah, I've gotten a number of similar suggestions from others. And after running through a dozen or so combats, the entire archetype feels likes its all over the place. So I'm starting from scratch and focusing on the eye. Here's my second draft:

At 3rd level when you choose this archetype, one of your eyes is replaced with a demon's.
Choose two maledictions when you gain this feature at 3rd level, and one more at 9th and 15th level.

As a bonus action, choose malediction and a creature you can see with your demonic eye. That creature is now effected by the chosen malediction.

A Malediction ends after 1 minute or if the target moves out of the sight of your demonic eye. You dismiss a malediction as a free action on your turn.

The first time you deal weapon damage to a creature effected by your Malediction each turn, they take an additional 1d6 force damage. This damage increases to 1d8 at 9th level, and 1d10 at 15th level.

You may use this feature a number of times equal to your Wisdom modifier between long rests.

Second Sight

At 7th level, your demonic eye grants you the ability to see past the deepest darkness.You can see normally in total darkness, both magical and non-magical, for 120 feet. 
You may expend one use of your Malediction to activate your Second Sight.  While active you see an aura around any item or person effected by magic. Your second sight lasts for 10 minutes or until dismissed.

Baleful Gaze
At 10th level, you've learned to extend the power of your Malediction to extinguishing the spells of your enemies.
As a reaction you may expend a use of your Malediction to cast Counter Spell as a 3rd level spell.


Level 15 feature
*pardon our dust, we are under construction

Eye of the Vanquisher
When you reach 18th level, your cursed eye has completely integrated with your body.
As a bonus action, you may change the Malediction on a target without expending a use.
When you kill a creature effected by your Malediction you regain one use of Malediction up to your maximum number of uses.

List of Maledictions:




Witchbane Malediction
When a creature takes damage from your Malediction, it has disadvantage on any concentration checks caused by that damage.

Executioner's Malediction
Add your WIS modifier to your Malediction damage for the duration.

Hellfire Malediction
As a bonus action, you may deal your Malediction damage to the afflicted creature. Your Malediction damage type changes to fire for the duration.

Enfeebling Malediction
Choose an ability score. The afflicted creature has disadvantage on any checks using the selected score.

Haunting Malediction
When the afflicted creature makes an attack against you or an ally, you can use your reaction to give them disadvantage on the attack. Your Malediction damage changes to psychic.

Hoarfrost Malediction
The afflicted creature has their movement speed halved. Your Malediction damage changes to cold for the duration.

Devouring Malediction
The afflicted creature only heals half as much for the duration. Your Malediction damage changes to Necrotic for the duration.







So, better? Worse? Any suggestions for the level 15 feature?
Edited for better formatting.

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