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Character Chat: Brianne Marie 2

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This is the first time that we'll be doing a repeat person on the Character Chat. I would love to dig a little deeper this time and tackle some burning questions from you guys. Hit us with some good ones! 

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That guy who writes for that show.



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Okay, I've always wondered about the chronology of Jadzia's origin. Could you please break it down for us? How did she go from setting her evil-scary-monster-husband on fire to being a soldier in the Overwatch and landing a gig on a group that was tapped to be like an Overwatch Special Forces group?


You've often described Jadzia as a coward. (For the record, a coward would not have gone off on her own to barter with a demon to get her soul back. A coward would have used her friends as meat-shields.) Did she join Group 3 just to be closer to Patrick? Sounds to me like a safer gig would've been to keep digging ditches with Poe.


How is Sariff adjusting to life on the payroll? Have you noticed a rise in the "death by stabby-poison" of local city counselors?



I know some of this you'll be able to cover in Arc 2, but could you please lay out some of the back story stuff that you wanted to get to during the fight with Kal'tos? I hear there's about 30 pages' worth of material there.


Coming from Ta'lor, Thantos probably sees a lot of stuff on Ellara that she's never seen before. What do you think was the most culture-shocky thing she has experienced on the mainland? Was it the basement in House Dragonkeep?  ;)  And how badly does Thantos want to get back there?


I'm assuming that the time-jump will change the dynamics a bit, but I've always loved the surrogate father/daughter relationship between Thantos and Marrek. How hard was it for Thantos to enter into that sort of relationship when she believed that her last father-figure was brutally murdered?


Thantos got drunk A LOT as an underage kid in Arc 1. Do you see her becoming a full-blown alcoholic in Arc 2, or is it more likely that she'll go the other way and become straight-edged?


This show is phenomenal! Keep being awesome, guys!

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+1 to Jadzia's backstory from Michael's post.  You clarified it some for me on Discord once (thanks again btw) but I think it isn't well known.

How is Jadzia handling parenthood?   Is she ready to hit the road adventuring again or just drinking more like the rest of us do?




What does the future have in store for Thantos, or at least what direction would you like to see Thantos take?   Does she have a real adventure related to her back story back on Talor, any interest in the psion powered portals/gates (does she know about those?)?  Does she just want to keep punching people?


I don't know the first things about teenage girls, but a 2 year growth is a significant time move for kids that age.  Do you plan to play her any differently, more maturely?  




How are you liking the transition to California?   It's much better out here isn't it.


You must get some insider info the other players don't get.  How do you resist meta gaming that?  (re-edited:  I know you're a believer in there is no winning D&D so I'm more thinking about meta gaming to advance plot rather than putting yourself in an advantageous position). More edits here:  If you don't actually get that much more insider info, please generalize.  All players get some extra info about towns and cities just by listening to other shows.  How do you as player keep that controlled.

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