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Grimnas Family Reunion

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This is just the beginning. I'll write more if people like it.

Vallus growled. He had been trying to get this fire pit started for 15 minutes now. He pushed the resilient damp wood back into the pit with a sigh. “It just had to rain last night,” he thought. 


Standing up, Vallus yelled around the house. “Alister!”


After a couple of moments, a small Tiefling boy being chased by an even smaller human boy came bounding around the corner. They were dressed in their fine clothes, which already had several grass stains on it. Giggling in joy, both of them ran up to their Father, hugged his legs, and then awkwardly stood back and saluted.


Vallus nodded approvingly.  He glanced around worryingly, as if searching for a predator. Glancing over the empty yard, he sighed with relief.  He leaned over the tiny warriors and whispered, “Alister, don’t tell your mother. Can you help me get this bonfire lit?”


Alister’s brown eyes began to sparkle with excitement against his reddish skin. He raised one empty palm, and faced it towards the unlit wood. Closing his eyes, he began to chant.


Vallus very carefully pushed Allister’s arm down and slightly to the right. He needed the campfire engulfed, not the hedge maze.


A small flare burst forth from Allister hand and travelled with great accuracy toward the logs. The flame engulfed the logs, slowly dying from the intense blaze into a more manageable fire.  Vallus turned back to his soldiers, gave a comical salute and dismissed them.


The boys saluted back and then ran off back to enjoy whatever game they had been playing. Vallus mouth upturned into a small grin. Poking the pyre, Vallus decides it needs a little more wood. Shifting towards the stack of logs, his grin immediately fell. Instead of the peaceful timber, he was greeted by the intense gaze of Jadzia, his wife.


“Vallus,” She chastised softly, “We talked about this, he’s only six. It’s dangerous for him to be using that kind of magic.” Her eyes softened, “I know you’re trying to encourage his strengths so he can protect his siblings, but give it a couple more years please?” Jadzia shifted the swaddled child in her arms. With her now open hand she placed it gently on his stomach.  


Vallus grumbled, but his Wife was right. He thought to himself, “Well she didn’t say anything about discouraging it.”


Jadzia took Vallus growl as an agreement. They had been together for many years. She knew the reserved man would respect her requests, although she didn’t like that playful glint in his eye. 


Changing topic, “Your Mother should be here any moment. She does like to be punctual. Aralove just woke up. She must have had a hard trip.”


Vallus nodded, “It was midmorning already and she did get in late,” he rationalized internally. Then he narrowed his eyes at Jadzia.


“He’s coming later; I asked him how many guards the Great Malchus Grimnas was bringing. He replied 2. So I prepared food for 10 guards, just in case,”Jadzia teased. “It’s been a few years. Be nice.”

Wordlessly, Vallus switch his attention back to the fire. He needed to get the meat started soon if it was to be ready.


Jadzia chuckled to herself and went to go find the boys. She needed to get them dressed into their actual fine clothes, before Tessia showed up.




Aralove stood in the manor’s kitchen. She had just awoken, but Jadzia put her right to work. Luckily it was something she was good at, cooking spicy food.  The peppers and onions had already been chopped. She began to add them to giant pot of broth that had been started last night. Aralove then began to chop up some mushrooms.


Suddenly one or her nephews ran through the house yelling, “Noooooo Mom! I like this shirt.”


“I don’t care, Samuel. That one is dirty,” Jadzia called.


Aralove chuckled to herself, “Ah I missed them.” She continued to work on the soup, although she was ready to intervene if her sister-in-law needed a hand.

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